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Activism is ESSENTIAL to eliminate Stigma!

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In this episode, Julie has a conversation with activist and whistleblower Tracy Tully, to really dig deep to understand the HEART of activism.

Our purpose of this conversation was to show that being an activist has nothing to do with anger, it's not about blaming or arguing. In fact, activists are a HUGE part of how things change for the better.

Julie wants viewers to understand that activists are needed within organisations, cultures, and communities. They provide necessary disruptions to get people to stop and see the hurt that is happening.

So, how is activism appropriate in the workplace? Activists use facts to start the journey of change. They are supported by advocates who provide knowledge and education. 

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Our Reflections

By Emma Schneider and Julie Gillespie

Activism is ESSENTIAL in the WorkplaceAT or talking WITH people?

Our purpose of this conversation was to show that activism is NEEDED within an organisation to promote positive change. 

Activism and advocacy work hand in hand within an organisation.  and if they can be heard with an open mind and acceptance, then amazing change can happen.

This flashback talks about the role leaders play in teaching their people how to approach activism, and is pivotal to being resilient. Taking the approach of being data point driven, noting down events that have occurred in chronological order, and taking the emotion out of the story, for now - all goes towards being able to achieve the end goal of change. 

Leaders, feedback from your people is essential towards being able to self-navigate the challenge of listening to hard stories.

This builds TRUST!

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The full Reflections article is here

About Tracy

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A fierce disruptor, Tracy challenges people to step out of their comfort zone building their resilience muscle! Under the banner Tracy conducts powerful and witty speaking opportunities, growing confidence, improving motivation, strengthening resilience and understanding an assertive mindset to move forward. Her presentations are passionate and highly engaging!
She guarantees you’ll never forget her! she says: “I can show you how to find the sweet spot in everything you do!”
Tracy is the author of non-fiction book FEARless Buckle Up ... Build RESILIENCE - a two-times whistle blower detailing her true-life experiences, calling out corruption, deceit and bribery in the Qld Department of Education. She explains why there’s no room for assumptions, blame, conspiracies or procrastination.
Due for release in 2022 are her new books; SHAMEless Release the Brakes ... Build RESILIENCE, Queens in Sandcastles, Kings of the New Frontier and her first children’s book Gordon the Goat and the Gully Kids. Tracy has fulfilled her lifelong dream as a
book publisher.
Holding senior leadership roles in the public, private and non-profit sectors for the last four decades Tracy is renowned for her strategic and innovative problem solving.

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