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Staying Well & Thriving
Individual & Leader Well-BEING

BEING and staying well as an individual is essential to being able to own how we Connect with our peers, leaders, and the organisation.

Staying well and thriving builds capacity to stay positive, engage with your work, sustain professional relationships, and align your meaning with those around you.

And most importantly, learning to celebrate BEING You.
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Mental Wellbeing Workshops

Let us now focus on the individual and their sustainable Well-BEING in the workplace. The ability to thrive must be Individually Owned, Leader Led, and Organisation Enabled. 

These programs can be delivered as part of a package or part of a WellBEING initiative. We are happy to customise the delivery based on your workplace culture and requirements.

Best wellbeing initiatives as chosen by workers

So what works? This is the biggest question being asked by Leaders. What should organisations be doing that will have a true affect for their workforce? Firstly, ask them!! It really helps to get some feedback on what your people want. Don't know what to ask? Here are the results from the 2021 Indicators of a Thriving Workplace by SuperFriend along with the programs we offer that match

Best wellbeing initiatives as chosen by workers.png
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Raising Awareness

Mental Health Awareness Session


This session gives participants an opportunity to understand what Mental Health is and when you should become concerned for someone. In this session you will:

  • Learn what Mental Health is, the facts and the factors which affect it

  • See how stigma is a barrier to getting essential support and discover ways to overcome it

  • Learn to start a conversation with someone in distress and keep yourself safe

  • Know what resources are there to support you.


Duration: Lunch 'n Learn Style (30-40-minutes)
Workplace training face-to-face, virtual, or hybrid.

Mental Health Awareness
Enjoying Outdoor

Building Personal Resources

Owning your WellBEING Workshops


BEING and staying well as an individual is essential to owning how we Connect with our peers, leaders, and the organisation. 


This interactive workshop is designed for individuals to understand the elements of their wellbeing, what builds it, and how they can move from functioning to flourishing. The PERMAH survey is undertaken prior to the session by each participant as it is a framework that is easy to understand, measure, and take action around and is well-established and evidence-based.  

Learning Outcomes: Feeling empowered by owning your:

  • Positive emotions

  • Engagement

  • Relationships

  • Meaning

  • and, Accomplishments


Duration: Workshop Style 2-hours
Workplace training face-to-face, virtual, or hybrid.

Building Personal Resources
Casual Office Meeting

Building Personal Capacity

Individual Coaching & Mentoring Programs


Rising through an organisation and staying true to yourself is tough. You battle external hurdles while trying to overcome your inner obstacles. It is vital to build your capabilities and be strengths -centred in your approach to sustaining your capacity. Julie can take you through the following programs to do this:

  • Discover your commmunication style and what motivates you 

  • Expand your capacity by honing your Strengths in alignment with your values

  • Sustain your energy, value, and performance by developing your Resilience attributes


Format: Contact Julie to unpack what you want to achieve and work out a program to best fit you.

Personal Capacity
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Julie Gillespie eMBA MHFA