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How can we change how people feel about CHANGE.

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In this episode, we have a conversation with Faith Timbs from Timbs and Co - Change Design.

Julie and Faith talk about change design and HOW we lead affects how our people react to change - and as leaders, we can change how people feel about change.

We unpack the idea that when we 'direct' change we get resistance as we are taking the 'agency' of our people away. Being given the opportunity for a choice is a powerful way to harness the energy and engagement of your people when an oganisation is facing change.

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Our Reflections

By Emma Schneider and Julie Gillespie

Changing how people feel about change!

In this episode, Julie is having a conversation with Faith Timbs from Timbs and Co - Change Design, we spoke about what types of conversations leaders need to have with their people before change happens.


Change is a constant and ever growing imperative which, if poorly supported, can have tremendously detrimental impacts on individuals and organisations. Burnout, anxiety, depression, productivity loss, absenteeism, presenteeism, high turnover are just some of the outcomes of failing to address the human experience of changing in organisations.

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The full Reflections article will be available soon.

To find out more how to lead positive change, check out Faith's latest Workshop - Change Savvy Skills - quote JULIE25 to receive a 25% disount.

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About Faith

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Faith has spent decades working across change in industries of all kinds. Now she’s taking a sledgehammer to cookie cutter change frameworks that make no room for creativity, flexibility or humanity.

Through her business Timbs and Co: Change Design, Faith and the team are delivering a fresh approach to the process of human changing. It’s all about breaking through the limits of traditional thinking and making real change happen for real people.

She specialises in the business of messy, knotty, fascinating, frustrating and 'fine' people – and designs valuable changing experiences with leaders, teams and organisations like yours.

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