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Mental Wellbeing

Helping you to create a mentally healthy and safe workplace by understanding the capabilities of your organisation, providing you with the appropriate tools, structure and guidance to help you shape a thriving, sustainable culture.

Why is the Mental Wellbeing of your people important in your business?

Mentally healthy workplaces minimise risks of psychological harm, promote and support positive mental health, and support recovery after injury and illness. Yet only 52% of employees believe their workplace is mentally healthy! What is the cost to business for not being mentally healthy?

Start making a change today:

Having an external consultant work with you to build the business case, investigate appropriate programs, consult with your workforce, and design a mentally healthy workplace will amplify your potential for success.

Work Health and Safety Legal Duties

You may already know these things, but I think it is vitally important to be clear about the duties surrounding mental health at work. 

The model WHS Act requires a PCBU to ensure the health and safety of their workers, so far as is reasonably practicable. It defines health to mean both physical and psychological health. The model WHS laws have not been implemented in Victoria and Western Australia, although those jurisdictions have comparable duties and definitions of health.

  • Under the model WHS ActPCBUs have a duty to protect workers from psychological risks as well as physical risks.

  • The best way to do this is by designing work, systems and workplaces to eliminate or minimise risks to psychological health;  monitoring the health of workers and workplace conditions; and consulting with workers.

  • Employers also have a duty to make sure work is safe for those returning after a workplace illness or injury.


Under the model WHS laws, a PCBU must consult with workers on health and safety matters that are likely to directly affect them, including on psychological hazards and risks. Further information on consultation is in the model Code of Practice: Work health and safety consultation, cooperation and coordination.

It also makes good business sense to prevent or minimise risks to psychological health. Work environments that do not adequately manage these risks can incur significant human and financial costs.

Here are some references and tools to get you started:

Participate in the Mental Health First Aid
Workplace Recognition Program

MHFA Workplace Recognition Program

As a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Instructor, and a business woman, I can help you to plan and implement programs through your organisation that support the efforts of your MHFA Officers.

Participating in the MHFA Workplace Recognition Program is a clear demonstration of your commitment to building a mentally healthy workplace, both to your staff and your external stakeholders.

The electronic badge you receive can be used to celebrate and promote your achievement broadly.

Workplaces report that being recognised as an MHFA Skilled Workplace has contributed to staff valuing the role and skills of Mental Health First Aiders and helped them to embed the MHFA program in their workplace.

Pathway to recognition: the 3 tiers

Let me help you embed the Mental Health First Aid practice into your organisation, simply and effectively. 

MHFAWRP Tiers.png