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Unpacking the DISCOMFORT felt when having a conversation



What actually happens in a conversation that can make us feel uncomfortable and feel unsafe?

In this episode, Julie is talking with her friend and PA, Emma Schneider - they deep dive into what goes into a conversation, what creates discomfort, and the importance of common language.

What’s in a conversation? We unpack the meaning of a number of words such as: permission,  clarity, safety, trust, and being a fixer. We find these intertwine and build a feeling of belonging and comfort that allows us the ability to step in a support someone else. 

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Our Reflections

By Emma Schneider and Julie Gillespie

How do we move through DISCOMFORT?

This personal conversation with Emma Schneider, unpacks what elements make it possible to sit within discomfort while having a conversation. 

We explored what a conversation can do, how it is fueled by permission, trust of oneself, internal safety, being able to apologise, and the power that comes from replacing judgement with curiousity. 

There is a worksheet below that you can use as a conversation starter to shift the energy in your working relationships.

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The full article can be found here.

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About Emma

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Emma Schneider is Julie's friend and Professional Assistant, and is a fabulous introvert who has supported Julie's mental health journey for the past 4 years. 

Emma volunteered for this podcast. That in itself is a huge step out of her comfort zone. Her aim was to show other people it is OK to be uncomfortable with conversations, because that is where growth comes from. 

At the heart of Emma is a story teller. Her comfortable medium for this today is through photography.

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