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Starting Courageous Conversations

Because we want every person  knowing they BELONG

Keynote Type: Opening - getting the event started

Themes: Communications. Mental Wellbeing. Motivation. Inclusion. Engagement. Social Connection.

Belonging is knowing that you are a valued member of a community.

When we feel part of a community, we feel a sense of purpose - one of the stabilisers of mental wellbeing.

So how does starting a Courageous Conversation lead to someone understanding that they BELONG?

We get to SEE the Person, not OUR problems.

Key Takeaways: how to let someone know they BELONG:

  • Be in your Courage Zone!
    Great things never come from comfort zones! You have to look past the fear zone and realise that it is JUST A CONVERSATION. (Practice makes this sooo much easier!!)

  • Engage in compassionate empathy.
    Don't be a FIXER! It's rude. Feel for them, acknowledge their experience, and SEE the person, not the problem.

  • Listen and Validate.
    You want to ask questions to COMPREHEND how someone is going. The details are none of your business as you cannot always understand! AND BELIEVE THEM!

  • Own your boundaries and respect theirs!
    Set an INTENTIONAL balance between MUTUAL care, support, and accountability. Their results are not your personal KPI's. 

  • No expectations or judgement
    The cure all for judgement is curiosity. Remember that what they say has nothing to do with you, your agenda, and is not a reflection of you. 

  • Give support the way they need it!
    Ask permission as it's not about you! And take the time to genuinely support their efforts.

Events where Julie is a good match:
Corporate events - setting the tone for the event to create true engagement, connection, inclusion.
Association events - to bring added value to Members so they feel not only inspired, but more courageous to have conversations that can make a difference, everyday. 
Industry events - including manufacturing, resources sector, transport and logistics, wellbeing, safety, and beauty.