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Mental Health isn't a ‘have’ or ‘have-not’!

A binary framing creates a false dichotomy. It implies that mental health is a fixed state, either "healthy" or "ill," which is simply not true.  The "have-not" narrative fuels stigma and disconnection, making it harder for people to seek help or talk openly about their challenges.

It’s time to change this narrative!

Why we MUST redefine the Narrative
  • Shifting the Focus: From "have or have-not" to a spectrum of mental well-being. Ditch the pressure for constant "wellness."

  • Beyond Cost: Stigma harms people and hinders potential, not just the bottom line.

  • Wellbeing = Power: Positive mindsets spark innovation, problem-solving, and groundbreaking ideas.

  • Talent Magnet: Prioritise well-being to attract and retain top talent.

  • Root Causes: Stress, workload, and lack of support contribute to mental health problems. Address the system, not just individuals.

“Julie brought humour and relevance to our Salon Forum audience, speaking in tune with their interests. Her witty delivery coupled with her valuable insights into the importance of self care and managing mental health created a memorable experience. Encouraging audience interaction, Julie fostered a lively exchange of ideas. Her genuine connection and expertise left a lasting impression, making her a standout speaker for our event.”
- Natalie Chadwick, Creative Lead, CPR Hair

Alexa Young, CA


Type: Subject Matter Expert 

Julie delivers both on stage or virtually for conferences, workshops, and retreats. 

Themes: Leadership. Communications. Engagement. Psychological Safety. Mental Health.

What Julie is known for:

Entering every event and workplace, the goal is to ignite genuine connections. Here's the belief: these connections are the foundation of our creativity, purpose, and sense of belonging.

Disrupting outdated mental health narratives is a key focus, achieved through evoking a willingness in others to tap into a deep well of curiosity. This approach cultivates perspective shifts, dismantles misconceptions, and empowers audiences to reclaim their stories.

The strategic purpose: thriving people = thriving business!


Are you ready to disrupt the narrative and build stronger connections? Let's talk!

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P.S. Skip the trigger warnings, embrace the wisdom. Science + experience = powerful insights.

How Julie redefines the Narrative of Mental Health

Julie equips audiences with a powerful toolkit to disrupt the stigma surrounding mental health.  She leverages a compelling combination of data, science, collective stories, and real-world experience. 
The focus: Empowering everyday conversations as a preventative measure, by:
Elevating Language: Shifting away from stigmatising terms and towards compassionate communication.
Building Connection: Encouraging authentic conversations that balance empathy and action.


Events where Julie is a good match:
Corporate events - setting the tone for the event to create true engagement, connection, inclusion.
Association events - to bring added value to Members so they feel not only inspired, but more courageous to have conversations that can make a difference, everyday. 
Industry events - including manufacturing, resources sector, transport and logistics, wellbeing, safety, and beauty.

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Julie Gillespie eMBA MHFA