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It's time to level up and stop being nice!

Keynote Type: Opening - setting the tone for the event 

Themes: Leadership. Communications. Motivation.  Engagement. Change. Psychological Safety.

In a time where ‘psychological safety’ should be one of the most talked about phrases in the boardroom, Julie knows that it's not, and gets why!

Leaders have this idea that caring for their people means they need to be nice, aggreeable, pleasant, and fine. 

No they don't. Which is why Julie is here to give your leaders permission to stop being nice!

Leaders need to know what it looks like to create an environment that supports the psychological wellbeing of their people and achieves impactful business success.

Julie helps audiences move through their fear and has them levelling up their language so they can fully embrace their compassionate leader within. This is NOT a fluffy, gentle, motivational talk. This is setting the tone, showing them the how, and demanding of them to be the change they want to see around them. 

The language of compassionate leadership unlocks our ability to both care for our people AND get impactful business results.

Key Takeaways: The Langauge of a Compassionate Leader

The Language of a Leader who is creating value and supporting their people to reach for success includes the following essential 5 Words:

  • Compassionate Empathy.
    Acknowledges the human, validates their experiences, and supports them in the actions they CHOOSE to take. (Empowering people for Success!)

  •  Courage.
     Learning and Growth only happen in the COURAGE ZONE. It's essential to Lead oneself and your people through the fear zone SAFELY.

  • Consequence.
    Understanding the significance of your behaviours and actions. If we know what the result could be, we can then collaborate with our people in how we will navigate the way. Replacing Expectations with Clarity.

  • Capacity.
    The openness and willingness to level up out of management. The mindset of a visionary.

  • Care.
    Mutual care and support balanced with accountability - the balance builds and sustains TRUST.

Events where Julie is a good match:
Corporate events - setting the tone for the event to create true engagement, connection, inclusion.
Association events - to bring added value to Members so they feel not only inspired, but more courageous to have conversations that can make a difference, everyday. 
Industry events - including manufacturing, resources sector, transport and logistics, wellbeing, safety, and beauty.

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Julie Gillespie eMBA MHFA