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Julie's One-Degree Shift

Updated: Jan 26

Transforming the way we Connect Newsletter

January 2024, Issue No. 1

OVERVIEW: Julie's "One-Degree Shift" newsletters are a guide for leaders to make subtle yet impactful changes which foster well-being and connection in the workplace.

The first 4 issues emphasises internal shifts, addressing common fears, and providing practical actions to create an inclusive and connected team culture.

The goal is to equip leaders with the skills to navigate discomfort and fear for a more caring and high performing workplace.

Bridging the Disconnect

Our approach to work is changing, and with it, our relationship with the workplace. Employee well-being is no longer a mere consideration; it is now a critical factor in retaining high-performing team members.

This places more demands on you to lead well. Our commitment is to offer practical tools and resources that empowers you to nurture the well-being of your teams - changing how you view time and care.

It’s time to: shift perspective; lean into the discomfort; and, Transform the way we Connect.

~ Julie Gillespie

Widening the perception lens for transformational leadership
Widening the perception lens for transformational leadership

What's this 'one-degree' shift about?

The concept of a one-degree shift is akin to widening a lens, allowing more awareness to enter your sphere. My vision is for you to fully open your lenses, effortlessly connecting with those in your organisation, community, and personal life without consuming more time or energy than you already invest.

It's important to acknowledge that bridging the disconnect and having difficult conversations are not always second nature.

In my own journey, I have experienced personal growth in navigating difficult discussions, realising the impact of genuine support, and the profound difference that a simple act of showing up can make.

Why are we here?

In response to this, I am committing to writing Julie's "One-Degree Shift", a regular newsletter designed to equip leaders with the tools and resources needed to foster a more connected workplace.

LEADER DEFINED: Leadership is a process of social influence, which maximises the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal. ~ Forbes

The essence of this initiative lies in making subtle yet impactful one-degree shifts regularly; transforming the way we connect.

Having dedicated years to Mental Health First Aid training, I've witnessed the increasing desire among leaders for effective ways to connect with their people in this ever-evolving work landscape. But leadership roles have become increasingly complex, which is why my goal is to enable every leader to handle uncertainty with confidence and compassion. By addressing the discomfort and fear that may have us turning away, we will bridge the state of disconnection that often hampers effective leadership.

Leaders with the knowledge and skills to cultivate a connected workplace culture can effectively care for their teams, retain top talent, and fortify organisational resilience. Julie's One-Degree Shift is my commitment to helping you navigate these challenges and extend that support to others.

Transforming the way we Connect with Julie's One-Degree Shift
Transforming the way we Connect with Julie's One-Degree Shift

Widening the lens of perception: The why and how!

Effective leadership hinges on the ability to expand one's perception and cultivate self-awareness. This allows you to:

  • Actively engage in a transformative journey, becoming better equipped to lead with authenticity and navigate the complexities of your roles. As well as;

  • Broaden your perspective and understand yourself deeply.

Only then are you able to foster environments conducive to trust, collaboration, and innovation.

Widening the lens of perception involves embracing empathy as a key aspect.

  • Be curious and actively seek to understand diverse experiences and perspectives, fostering inclusivity and appreciation for differences.

  • Capitalise on the collective intelligence of your team to create a dynamic and innovative culture.

Gaining self-awareness is essential for making informed decisions and navigating challenges with resilience. Reflecting on strengths, weaknesses, and biases allows leaders to align their actions with their values and build trust among team members.

What now?

If you’re interested in deepening your understanding of this topic, here are some great resources to help you take action:

Let’s get started: I’m here for you.

To gain a deeper understanding of your self, to explore, play, discover, and to feel more connected, I work with leaders in 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Book your sessions here:

We can help you build your self-awareness, click here to get going.

My hope is that this newsletter will be your support throughout the year. There will be effective practices laid out within it, designed to meet you where you are at. Each month, we are going to widen your lens, one degree at a time.

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