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New Year Resolutions, or New Year Reshuffle??!

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Start of the year? Or continuation of the previous year? How are you feeling now that we’re at the end of the first month? January is always the hardest on my mental health and wellbeing. What about you?

I recently had an epiphany! One of those moments where you must sit down and go “oh shit, that makes soooo much sense now!!”

Each year I make sure I don’t do any training in December and January and use this time to recover and do strategic thinking about the business. There’s this sense though that the train I was on (bullet train!!!), leaves the station without me and I have to scramble to get back on it again towards the end of January. Do you know what this feels like?

But, what if I don’t need to get on a train?

I was chatting with my professional assistant, Emma Schneider, about this and couldn’t describe it easily, so I told her the story about my love of the game Fast Scrabble (Bananagrams??). I love the risk of the reshuffle mid-game.

I realised that January is the time of the reshuffle. I’ve got great tools/expertise/credentials, how do I rearrange them to be more expansive?? Instead of following the path I was initially on – which becomes limiting and potentially short sighted.

So, we’ve reshuffled. Still doing what we were doing before, but with a more expansive (yet simplified) view. Taking the impossible, back to possible again!

I would love to hear your stories of any reshuffles you’ve done.

I promised Emma I would record my thoughts on this, so I have posted a video here that describes this process a little more. Yes, I am talking to myself... so welcome to Julie's Mindscape... It's raw and a little messy!!!

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