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Connected Work Culture
SAY - Connected Cultures Framework

Strengthening Confidence & Capabilities
Compassionate Conversations that make a difference 

Many of the leadership and organisational challenges we face today such as disengagement, productivity loss, and uncertainty can be prevented by starting a conversation, and by creating a steady and psychologically safe space for our people.

Learn what to SAY in a meaningful way that creates Connection and a space for every person to feel seen, heard, and valued. 
Happy Mental Health First Aiders

Compassionate Conversations

Be able to start a conversation and SAY what resonates with someone who is struggling and understand what may be going on for them. Grow your skills and capabilities to be able to apply a solid framework that supports and encourages someone to reach for appropriate professional help.

Compassionate Conversations Workshop: This interactive session has been designed to help people move past their fear of starting conversations, and know how to connect with someone with ease. It is recommended that this be done AFTER MHFA™ training, which raises awareness and helps you SEE when someone is struggling. 

Learning Outcomes: A clear plan to follow that builds confidence and capacity to have purposeful conversations. Developing open dialogue skills so they become an easy to use resource. Becoming comfortable in using these skills in practice. Understanding how self-care and boundary setting perform an essential role. 

Duration: 2-hour workshop

Compassionate Conversations
Compassionate Leaders

Building Capacity for Leaders

Creating SPACE for yourself as a leader, to gain confidence and strengthen capabilities, is essential to knowing what to SAY to create a Connected Culture. This is the hard work; Self-reflection. Getting real. Processing and resolving blind spots and biases so they don’t impact how we treat others, is essential. 

Introduction to Compassionate Leadership: An intense focus on interpersonal skills and self-awareness enabling us to view ourselves as others do; to become impactful, authentic and trusted leaders that inspire connection and motivation, to sustain successful performance. These workshops follow the path of Compassionate Conversations Workshop and connect each element to Psychological Safety aspects.

Duration: 2-hour workshop

Compassionate Leadership Series of Workshops: A longer-term approach to shifting awareness, resources, and capabilities for leadership development. These workshops go in deeper to the key elements of the Compassionate Leadership Workshop and give space for leaders to learn, reflect, and practise the skills, enabling them to respond to situations positively and pragmatically.

Duration: 5 x 2-hour workshops 

The elements of Compassionate Leadership

Reflect and Plan
Listen and Validate
Be Kind
Practical Support
Connect and Guide

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Compassionate Leadership
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