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SALES basics are the SAME as RELATIONSHIP basics



In this episode, we have a conversation with Sharon Davies from Sales 2 Success.

Our purpose of this conversation was to show that being ‘salesy’ has got nothing to do with a sales conversation. In fact, building a relationship and connecting within your values is the very foundation of being both human and a sales person.

How is this episode got anything to do with you? Well, at some point you are going to need to ask to be heard, go for a promotion, apply for a new job, or ask someone out on a date… the techniques that we unpack in this conversation will support you during these times.

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Our Reflections

By Emma Schneider and Julie Gillespie

Talking AT or talking WITH people?

NB: When we talk about “Sales” in this episode, we believe that everyone who has professional relationships can benefit from listening to this conversation, not just those in the Sales Industry.


In this episode, Julie will be talking with a specialist from the sales industry. Sharon Davies is an award winning Business-2-Business Sales Coach. She has been in the sales industry since leaving high school, and has worked across many different industries in many different roles. Using her fathers experience in sales to further expand her knowledge, she began performing at a higher level, Sharon 'owned' her role when she knew it was a way to help people.

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The full Reflections article will be available soon.

About Sharon

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Sharon Davies is the Founder and Managing Director of Sales 2 Success. With 30 years' experience in sales and management, she is a qualified Chief Sales Officer and delivers sales accountability and mentoring programs for individuals, teams, and business owners, that sell their services into the business 2 business market.

Sharon's coaching helps create a unique sales system that companies can replicate and duplicate, removing the panic, stress, and anxiety when it comes to selling and growing a business. She then teaches methodologies and the four keys to sales success, to help those selling to stand out as experts and drive sales results repeatedly. The innovative program uncovers what many already know/do but haven't yet systemised, giving them the confidence to sell, convert, and run a sales system; creating sustainable, repeatable sales.

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