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My MISSION is to help create mentally safe work spaces, where every person can turn up as their best self, every day.

This is my PASSION work. 

My consulting. coaching, and training work is grounded in over 25 years of business leadership experience and technical training, supported by a Bachelor of Commerce degree and an Executive Masters of Business Administration.

I have also lived with mental ill health and know how tough it is to keep going when the deadlines are running and people are looking to be led.

My services are customised for you and your organisation’s needs, providing the appropriate tools, structure and guidance across the organisation.

Energy, Capabilities, and Compassion

I changed careers in 2017 due to necessity. My mental health was suffering badly and I needed to start fresh. In essence, I ended my career as a Director of Operations and Product Development!

It took a while to recover and see what I could do with my remaining skill set. I learnt to have patience with myself, and be creative with the solutions of what I could do.

Firstly, I stumbled across Mental Health First Aid (MHFA). It was a massive light-bulb moment as it made so much sense in its approach to helping support people who are experiencing poor mental health and stress. So, I became an accredited instructor and utilised some of my favourite skills of story telling and training that totally energise me.

Next, I won a lucky door prize to have my Strengths Profile assessment done and debriefed by a professional coach from the Langley Group. Not just a light-bulb moment, but the understanding of how I can keep my light-bulbs lit!! So, I became an accredited facilitator and utilised some of my favourite skills of coaching, connecting and creativity that totally energise me.

The next phase was fitting this all into a career. I knew what my solid skill set is, I'm well educated and have decent emotional intelligence, but I have struggled, like most do, in believing that I was enough, that I was credible, and I could make a career in a space that I was passionate about. Having a mentor and a solid support network has helped me to sustain my optimism, self-compassion, enthusiasm, and faith.

My MISSION is to help create mentally safe work spaces, where every person can turn up as their best self, every day.

Professional Credentials

Education & Accreditations

  • Bachelor of Commerce

  • Executive Master of Business Administration

  • Diploma of Personal Care Sciences

  • Certified Supply Chain Professional

  • Accredited Mental Health First Aid Instructor (2018)

  • Member International Coaching Federation
    Certificate IV Life Coaching (ongoing) - (Competency Recognised and Insured)

  • Accredited Strengths Profile facilitator 

  • Accredited Resilience at Work facilitator 

  • Accredited DISC & Motivators Profile facilitator

Professional Skills

  • Business awareness: understands the big picture and the implications of all actions. Customises all services to fit the client and organisation.

  • Client-centric: prioritises client needs and recognises constraints. Delivers on promises.

  • Quick thinking / learning: highly adaptive to any new environment and can pick up and assimilate relevant information quickly and easily.

  • Excellent communications skills as a facilitator and coach, with a heightened sense of the importance of language.

  • Interpersonal effectiveness: able to influence the views and behaviour of others, which is especially effective for advocacy and reducing the stigma of mental health within organisations.

Business Meeting
Business Conference
Group Therapy

Services on Offer


Helping you to create a mentally healthy and safe workplace by understanding the capabilities of your organisation, providing you with the appropriate tools, structure and guidance to help you shape a thriving, sustainable culture.


Delivering Quality mental wellbeing training for individuals and workplaces.

Our aim is to promote a psychologically safe environment, mitigating preventable issues and empowering people to flourish despite the challenges.



Gain insight and understanding  about what motivates, energises, and keeps you and your teams resilient.

Then amplify and sustain!