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Value Statement

I turn up with the intention to be in my personal values  everyday. They're my motivation, energy source, and my 'WHY'.

  • Belonging - co-designing space for every person. Wherever I turn up, I bring my 'belonging' with me.

  • Curiosity is the eliminator of judgment. It is through my deep curiosity into how humans function that ignites my  passion to understand other people's WHY!

Value's in Action

I'm here to get essential conversations started.


My role is to help these conversations be human-centered, compassionate, inclusive, and safe. Conversations are what connects us and enables us to be functional compassionate humans.

My consulting, coaching, and training work is grounded in over 25 years of business leadership experience and technical training, supported by an Executive Masters of Business Administration and credentials in the Science and Practice of Wellbeing.

I have lived expertise, as I live with mental ill-health and know how tough it is to keep going when the deadlines are running and people are looking to be led. As a result, I have gone in deep and wide to understand what is happening and found incredible evidence-based frameworks that have brought insight, solutions, and resolution, which I want to share with you!

My services are customised for you and your organisation’s needs, providing the appropriate tools, structure and guidance across the organisation.

Julie is an accredited Principal Master Instructor for Mental Health First Aid with a workplace focus. Having conducted more than 75 MHFA sessions since 2018,  Julie has trained more than 650 people from local, national, private, and government organisations that are driven to support the wellbeing of their people.

As a Business Woman, with extensive experience in leadership roles, Julie can help you embed Mental Wellbeing practices within your organisation, supporting your efforts to look after your people. 
Business Meeting
Business Conference
Group Therapy
Mental Wellbeing 

Helping you to create a mentally healthy and safe workplace by understanding the capabilities of your organisation, providing you with the appropriate tools, structure and guidance to help you shape a thriving, sustainable culture.

Mental Wellbeing  Workplace Training

Delivering quality mental wellbeing training for individuals and workplaces. Our aim is to promote a psychologically safe environment, mitigating preventable issues and empowering people to flourish despite the challenges.

Individual & Team Coaching & Training


Gain insight and understanding about what motivates, energises, and keeps you and your teams resilient. Then amplify and sustain!

More about Julie

Professional Credentials

Education & Accreditations

  • Bachelor of Commerce

  • Executive Master of Business Administration

  • Diploma of Personal Care Sciences

  • Certified Supply Chain Professional

  • Accredited Principle Master Mental Health First Aid Instructor

  • Member International Coaching Federation
    Certificate IV Life Coaching (ongoing) - (Competency Recognised and Insured)

  • Accredited Strengths Profile facilitator 

  • Accredited Resilience at Work facilitator 

  • Accredited DISC & Motivators Profile facilitator

  • Credentialed: Science and Practice of Wellbeing - Mental Health Academy

Professional Skills

  • Business awareness: understands the big picture and the implications of all actions. Customises all services to fit the client and organisation. Backed up with an Executive Masters Business Administration.

  • Client-centric: prioritises client needs and recognises constraints. Delivers on promises.

  • Adaptable: highly adaptive to any new environment and can pick up and assimilate relevant information quickly and easily.

  • Excellent communications skills as a facilitator and coach, with a heightened sense of the importance of language.

  • Interpersonal effectiveness: able to influence the views and behaviour of others, which is especially effective for advocacy and reducing the stigma of mental health within organisations.

Acknowledgements & Awards

Mental Health First Aid Instructor Accreditations

  • Principal Master Trainer (2022) (Over 75 training events)

  • Standard MHFA

  • Standard MHFA Refresher Course

  • MHFA: Engaging Leaders

  • Blended Online MHFA Workplace

  • Blended MHFA in the Workplace

  • MHFA for Gambling Problems

  • MHFA for the Suicidal Person

  • Mental Health First Aid for Non-Suicidal Self-Injury

  • Blended Online MHFA Community

  • MHFA for Financial Services Professionals

Panellist and Presenter Events

  • Resource Training Council Conference 2022: Opening Keynote Speaker - Getting the conversation started: "What motivates someone to move from competency to Proficiency?"

  • AIHS: SAFEfest: A festival of safety ideas 2020 - Panelist - Panel Discussion: Resilient Societies, Organisations and People

  • Business Continuity Support Group: Conversations with Caroline Lovett 2020 - "Turning Up, Ready to Serve."

  • AIHS: National Health & Safety Conference 2020 - Round Table Discussion Lead: “Mental Heath – where the obligation lies.”

  • IABC APAC & India: Roundtable discussion: The Impact of the Pandemic: Managing stress, burnout and business disruption.


  • IABC: International Association of Business Communicators: Golden Quill Award of Excellence 2021 - Publication: Mental Health & Wellbeing: A Guide Through The Noise For Communication Professionals - with Sia Papageorgiou of CSCE. (Link to the document here)

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MHFA Workshop

Confronting. Insightful. Engaging. Invaluable. Emotional. Practical. Uncomfortable. There were a lot of words to describe the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) workshop I joined this time last week. We can never know the 'right' things to say or do at any given moment, but if we can be given a toolkit to know what to look out for when interacting with others, we can be that little bit better off. I feel that little more confident knowing when to step in to offer support, and direct to professional services, like our EAP, if need be. Hindsight is a beautiful thing, and those few days made me reflect on previous interactions with friends, colleagues, room mates, etc. And boy did I learn how to be better next time! Huge shoutout to our #MHFA workshop facilitator, the amaaazing Julie Gillespie BCom eMBA MHFA (who I've aptly nicknamed Brissy's Brene Brown) 👏 Thank you!! I would highly encourage anyone who is interested to take a look at the upcoming workshops in your area in the link below. Just like St John's first aid, this MHFA can equip you with the knowledge to potentially save someone's life. PS. get ready to sit in discomfort, because without it, there is no room to grow. #mentalhealthfirstaid #MHFA #contractorcare #giveadamn

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