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Transforming Work Environments:  Unburdening leaders and cultivating strong teams.
We guide you beyond awareness with actionable strategies, building sustainable social connections.

Leadership and Team Consulting that works

  • Amplifying leadership capabilities & capacity

  • Communication for self-assured connections

  • Cultivating employee strengths and wellbeing

  • Helping you to surpass audacious performance goals

  • Future proofing business E.S.G. Capability Statements

Julie Gillespie Speaker, Facilitator, Coach

Founder and Chief Connection Officer:

Can unlocking the power of genuine leadership, where Connection drives peak performance, be the game-changer your organisation needs?

  • Are high stress levels and burnout hindering you and your leadership effectiveness?

  • Do you struggle with the load of being a leader in today's world where keeping up with change and expectations feels a burden?

  • Are you able to build connections with your people so they can feel psychologically present to do their work, and thrive?

You are not on your own. 

Julie Gillespie and Emma Schneider

We've got you!

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Unleash the Potential of Your People. We weave care and connection into the core of your workplace, guiding leaders at every level to cultivate thriving teams. Together, we craft actionable strategies that transform your work environment, unlocking exceptional performance fueled by meaningful connection.

When leaders thrive, so do organisations. 

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Raising Awareness & Skills Training & Facilitation

Sustainable Social Connection
Building Connections Facilitation and Coaching
Raising awareness and skills coaching and training

We use three proven frameworks the will transform the way you connect;  from a leadership, team, and organisational perspective:

Our dedication to you

We promise to hold you steady while you become a positively impactful leader.

We promise to give you the tools (small and large) to support you in building strategic connections.

We promise to answer all of your questions along the way.

Getting started is easy: 

Julie Gillespie and Emma Schneider

Have a chat with Julie and Emma.

Get solutions for you and your team.

Become an impactful leader!

Julie Gillespie - Speaker

Book Julie as Your Speaker:

Disrupting the Narrative of Mental Health


Where a common language shapes a Culture of Connection

Why Strategic Connection is Important.

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It leads to true engagement, which means your people are psychologically present to do their work. They understand what to do; they have what they need; and they have a supportive manager and a supportive team. They know why their work matters.

They are work ready!

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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Private Clients:
National And Global 
Across industry sectors

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Government: Local, State.

The BEST of Connections

Why we do what we do.


Every person deserves the opportunity to have meaningful connections at work.

We specialise in disrupting the hype, catch phrases, and narrative that holds us back from connecting. We dig deep into the research, experience, and hundreds of stories that all have glimmers of inspiration… we equip you with “HOW” to Connect?

It is a given that we have academic competence. However, more valuable to you, is that our personal experiences give us insight and perspective to develop with you the tools and frameworks that work best for your organisation.

Translating frameworks into tangible solutions is where our passion lies.

Frameworks are only the skeletal structure and deliver only the format to meet your specific needs; they must be filled out with the tools of understanding mental health and well-being; equipping individuals, teams, and leaders with the capabilities, pathways, and practical skills to enable your organisation to excel.

Quite simply, our promise to you is that we deliver what we say. We know what we are talking about and can make your journey with us challenging, interesting, and worthy of your time.

Hugs xoxo

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Connect with us:

Transforming the way we Connect© takes time, resources, and energy. We've got you! For some clients this can be a multi-year journey, but starting the conversation now, can make the first big, meaningful difference. 

So let's get the conversation started today. Simply fill in the contact form, what you're interested in talking to us about and we can go from there.

Where to find us

Our office is close to the Brisbane CBD but we travel from coast coast. To come in to see us, we are at:

The Collective Wellbeing Hub

Level 1, 79 Vulture Street,
West End, QLD 4101


0413 399 793

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Delivering Leadership & Peer Support Programs across the organisation.
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Lucy Ristivojevic
HR Generalist and proud Diversity & Inclusion Champion, Port of Brisbane P/L
August 16, 2022

I was fortunate to come across Julie via LinkedIn (the bright shirts drew me to her), after reviewing her profile and website - I knew Julie was the right fit to deliver our MHFA training effectively to our people at PBPL! 

We have had some impressive feedback come through from those who have had the opportunity to attend Julie's training, she has run a variety of courses for us including the MHFA, MHFA Refresher and MHFA for Leaders both onsite and our employees regularly visit the Collective Hub.

Julie has also guided us over the last couple of year's through obtaining our Skilled Workplace Recognition and continues to work with the business on our Mental Health strategy and regularly connects with our MHFAiders to provide additional support and continuous learning. 

Personally, Julie has been a tremendous support and mentor through my own development and learnings and a much needed voice of Mental Health First Aid in the workplace! 

I am really proud of Julie, I have enjoyed watching her evolve and thrive over the last 3 years her passion, dedication and the courageous conversations she is having when it comes to Mental Health in the workplace.

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