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Transforming the ability for leaders to lead self, others, and the organisation with clarity.

Julie Gillespie offers effective solutions to the #1 reason for Australians to leave their jobs in 2022 (SEEK) - Mediocre Management. This is a clear and definite indicator that leaders and organisations are not knowing the right thing to SAY nor DOING enough to hold their people steady and engaged. 

As a Leadership expert, Julie understands the challenges that leaders face, and knows they feel loaded, lonely, and suffer with burnout, which stops them from being able to SEE what is happening to their people. 

Having clear and compassionate conversations, can resolve so many of these difficulties, and can be the cure for a Bad Environment, which was the #4 reason why people left their jobs. 

We want to enhance mental health, wellbeing, inclusion, engagement, and resiliance as these are all interconnected aspects of a healthy Workplace Culture. 

By prioritising the human aspect of business, leaders can achieve better performance, profitability, and a competitive edge. Becoming an employer of choice.

Let's stop treating Mental Health, Wellbeing, Inclusion, Resilience, and more as separate parts of Culture, they are Connected and should form the very fabric of your business strategy. This is where 'humanity' starts.

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Building Connected Cultures...

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Your partner in supporting essential conversations, that make a difference...

From the many years of being a business leader and delivering Mental Health and Wellbeing training into workplaces, Julie has come to understand that it takes more than just a brief training intervention to solve the organisational need of growing and strengthening a Connected Culture


This work cannot be aimed at the individual alone.


It must be: Individual Owned, Leader Led, and Organisation Enabled.

A Connected Culture: where people are given the space and opportunity to learn, grow, strengthen, build, and sustain themselves; to be able to align their purpose with their teams, leaders, and the organisation; where there is clear intention, expectation, and choice.


A culture where every person feels accepted, valued, and included.

A space for Belonging.
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Julie is an accredited Principal Master Instructor for Mental Health First Aid® with a workplace focus. Having conducted more than 80 MHFA™ sessions since 2018,  Julie has trained more than 830 people from local, national, private, and government organisations; supporting their efforts to grow the capabilities of individuals and leaders by teaching them to SEE how they can be more supportive.

As a Business Woman, with extensive experience in leadership roles, Julie can help you embed peer support and leadership engagement within your organisation, supporting your efforts to look after your people and create a Connected Culture. 

How can we help you?

Building a Connected Culture takes time, resources, and energy. We've got you! For some clients this can be a 3-year journey, but starting the conversation now, can make the first big, meaningful difference. 

So let's get the conversation started today. Simply fill in the contact form, what you're interested in talking to Julie about and we can go from there.

Where to find us

We have two office and training rooms in Brisbane. Close to all transport and the CBD to make it convenient to get here:

The Collective Wellbeing Hub

Level 1, 79 Vulture Street,
West End, QLD 4101


Brisbane Business Centre

17 Gould Street, 

Herston, QLD 4006

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Delivering MHFA Organisation wide and Ongoing Support

15 July 2021

Julie is a person that walks the talk. Every time you meet her, her calm, authentic and compassionate nature will make you feel safe. This is a unique skillset that invites people to engage whole-heartedly with Julie. Through the Mental Health First Aid workshops she has facilitated for our company and my personal interactions with Julie outside, I have learnt how to engage in better conversations and really actively listen. It is not just that her knowledge and comfort this this space is evident, Julie’s coaching style seems to resonate and has helped me become a better leader and human. If you or your organisation have the opportunity to engage with Julie, I am confident that you too will have a lot to gain from the experience

Linh Pierson

Delivering Online MHFA to a National Organisation

03 Aug 2021

Julie was extremely professional and friendly throughout the entire process, from initial enquiry through to delivery of training and beyond.


Julie's transparency left me feeling assured that things were under control and on track. This instilled a great sense of trust in Julie as I believe that she was able to fully comprehend and understand the importance of this training by not only facilitating but through the application of learnings drawn from her very own experiences.


Julie's heartfelt and genuine approach was very much felt across our entire network. So, thank you Julie!


We are excited to continue this great work with you.

Brae Neal - eLearning Coordinator at Greencross Pet Company

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Julie Gillespie eMBA MHFA