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The Conversation about Mental Health has started



We are so excited to be sharing this conversation with TradeMutt. 

Being part of this conversation was not just an honour, but a total game-changer. Seriously, the work these guys are doing is LIFE-CHANGING for so many people.  

We got to dive into some behind-the-scenes action and learn how they set personal boundaries when it comes to tough conversations, as well as the ups and downs of starting a successful social enterprise. And let's not forget the best part - their inspiring journey to where they are now! 

We cannot thank these two enough for their hard work and dedication to making workplaces safer. Trust us, you don't want to miss out on this incredible conversation! So grab your headphones and tune in to this must-listen episode!

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In this episode you will hear

03:30 Lessons learnt when starting the TradeMutt brand

04:30 The evolution from will the shirts work to they are now a known conversation starter

36:00 People feel like they are wearing a cape when they put the shirts on

46:30 Three quick thoughts from Dan Allen


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About TradeMutt

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Daniel Allen experienced the devastating loss of a friend to suicide in 2016. In response, he and his friend Edward Ross started TradeMutt. Together they created funky, eye-catching shirts to help start a conversation about blue-collar working men’s mental health.

The business donates 50 per cent of profits to charitable organisations and social initiatives.

By July 2021, TradeMutt had enabled 9,825 people to access early intervention mental health support. It’s also provided more than 22,000 hours of disability employment and $3 million in mental health support. It funds about 700 hours of mental health conversations each month.

TradeMutt has won Australian Men’s Health Awards, including Best Men’s Mental Health Project. Daniel and Edward made Queensland’s 2021 Top 20 Under 40 list of business entrepreneurs.

With their Funky Shirt Fridays now an Australia-wide ritual, Daniel and Edward are making men’s mental health a priority – one conversation at a time.

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Julie Gillespie eMBA MHFA