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Transforming the way we Connect

Updated: Jan 24

Our dedication to you: We promise to hold you steady while you become positively impactful.

Our dedication: We promise to hold you steady while you become positively impactful.
Our dedication: We promise to hold you steady while you become positively impactful.

I've used this image for a number of years as it always spoke to me. The very idea of being held safely, steady, at peace, was something that resonated with me personally. Because through that, I've been able to take risks, reach, grow, and be audacious in my dreams.

I've had the gracious opportunity to be held steady in this way, and know now, that this is what so many people have wanted from me in the past few years as they've been feeling disconneced. They've wanted me to hold them steady while they take a risk, learn something new, figure out how they feel, and take action - to reach for connection.

Most of you have known me through delivering Mental Health First Aid training, and have come to understand my passion for helping people to raise their tolerance for discomfort, lean in to where someone else is at, see them, validate their experience, and give them the opportunity to be well again. Balancing support with accountability, care with logic; to set healthy, functional boundaries.

From the many years of being a business leader and from delivering Mental Health and Wellbeing training into workplaces, I've come to understand that it takes more than just a brief training intervention to solve the problem of disconnection in workplaces. It takes an organisation to grow and strengthen a Connected Culture; one where psychological safety, trust, and care are at the centre of the core values of teams and the organisation. It takes Transforming the way we Connect.

This work cannot be aimed at the individual alone. It must be: Individual Owned, Leader Led, and Organisation Enabled.

Coming into 2024 - tranforming connections for thriving leadership

There are a number of things changing across Julie Gillespie Pty Ltd, because it's not just me driving the business.

  • Emma Schneider is working more to support my efforts in building programs and content that meet the needs of organisations and leaders.

  • We have a few trainers that will be helping us roll out Mental Health First Aid training.

  • We are partnering with industry leaders in Safety, Communications, and AI, to bring extraordinary frameworks to you, that deal with the complexity of keeping people well in your business, AND taking the load off leaders so they too can thrive.

  • We also have a new website to reflect all that is new and evolving. You can check it out here:

Through the 1000's of conversations and the deep dives into research, we know that as a society, we have practiced disconnection for too long and lost the skills to communicate. With business challenges and expectations becoming even more complex, we don't know who has been setting the rules, and are desperate for some clarity. As a result, the uncertainty has lead to overwhelm and burnout, where trying to connect with others feels like a chore, something that takes too much time, energy, and effort.

This is what we are looking to solve, as it is devastating to understand that 1 in 3 Australians are lonely.

We are working with our partners and organisations across Australia to solve this. For this, we have developed a framework that guides how we will help you foster connection in your workplace: Transforming connection for thriving leadership!

The components that make up the framework for Transforming the way we Connect. There are 4 stages that include gap analysis, awareness raising, skills development, and embedding strategic connections for sustainable practices.
Transforming the way we Connect Framework

This framework is solid. We've been testing it and the programs for a couple of years now. And, we know it answers many of the gaps organisations are feeling at the moment as they try to successfully embed the new Code of Practice, managing psychosocial hazards in the workplace. That success is going to be really, really hard to do if your people feel disconnected and lonely.

The Non-Business Case for Building a Connected Culture

This is where ‘humanity’ starts. At the heart of Belonging work is Space making. We need space to ensure we are able to respond to the situations and people around us.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” - Viktor Frankl

Why spend time, resources, and energy on this? Because it’s the right thing to do. So, just do it.

Because you shouldn’t have to “justify why people deserve to belong in a room? Why they deserve to be seen? Why they deserve equitable treatment? Why they deserve to be included?” - Aiko Bethea

The Solid Business Case for Building a Connected Culture

Creating a connected workplace will provide measurable benefits to your business:

  • Happy people, happy clients.

No need to say anymore, you know what this can do for the bottom line. (I checked with AI, it gave me a really long list of stuff, but ditched it for the simplicity of Happy people, happy clients).

So what are you going to do now?

Well you made it this far. I think it's time for a chat.

  • Book a Discovery Call

  • Have a chat with Julie and Emma.

  • Get solutions for you and your team.

  • Become an impactful individual, leader, and organisation!

We love what we do!


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