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Transforming Connections

Transforming Connections - Strategic Consulting


Levelling Up the Organisation!

We've uncovered a vital truth. Building psychologically safe workplaces isn't just about systems and policies; it's about equipping leaders with the tools to create inclusive, engaging, and trusting environments through the language of connection.

We've talked to over a thousand people across Australia about mental health and well-being, and one thing is clear: it all begins with the ability to connect and start meaningful conversations.

Our approach is simple: We help your entire organisation gain foundational knowledge in mental health, well-being, safety, trust, and connection. We then guide you beyond awareness with actionable strategies, where CONNECTION fuels thriving engagement, where culture is shaped by building a common language that every person has the opportunity to contribute to. We know when this happens, genuine connections become organic and sustainable, and stigma, discrimination, and injuries decrease.

Shaping a culture of compassion and connection is a workplace where logic and empathy are balanced, expanding the capacity for unrelenting trust! It's time to build connection in your workplace, so every person can level up!

Can unlocking the power of genuine leadership, where Connection drives peak performance, be the game-changer your organisation needs?

You are not on your own. 

  • Is your organisation working their way through the new Code of Practice: Managing the risk of psychosocial hazards at work - and finding gaps?

  • Do your leaders and teams struggle to build trust and cohesive teamwork in a competitive business landscape?

  • Have you tried implementing Mental Health and Well-being initiatives and they're not working?

We've got you!

Our Approach

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Our dedication to you

We promise to hold you steady while you become a positively impactful leader.

We promise to give you the tools (small and large) to support you in building strategic connections.

We promise to answer all of your questions along the way.

Getting started is easy: 

Have a chat with Julie and Emma.

Get solutions for you and your team.

Become an impactful leader!


Mental Health First Aid® Workplace Recognition Program

The Mental Health First Aid® Workplace Recognition Program celebrates organisations across Australia who invest in developing mental health first aid skills in their people and who show a strong commitment to embedding the MHFA™ training into their organisation’s culture; through actions like senior leadership support, relevant policies, supporting Mental Health First Aid® Officers and continuous improvement.

Julie partners with your organisation to develop, implement, and measure effective actions that embed the MHFA™ network into the workplace. This program improves corporate reputation and culture and contributes to employees valuing the role and skills of Mental Health First Aiders® in their workplace.

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Get Recognised - Let's Start
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