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Starting Conversations about Self-Reflection



Emotions are the body's wisdom, telling us how we truly feel about a given reality. Every emotion. We should listen.

~ Daniel Goleman

Why do you need to continue telling your story around mental health and wellbeing? What purpose does it serve?
We’ve come to know that it helps build not only our own capacity, but it opens the door for others to feel the opportunity of belonging.
In this episode Julie unpacks her story, the frameworks she loves, and conversations that have shaped who she is today.
This isn’t a story full of detail. It is a story about how to have HOPE when things are tough; how frameworks can give permission for us to be OK and let us know we can THRIVE despite the challenges. 

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Our Reflections

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Our Reflections can be found on the LinkedIn page here

About Julie


Julie is a Conversation Starter -  initiating essential conversations that precede big change across organisations.

These conversations can be about Mental Wellbeing, Safety, Culture, Inclusion and Belonging, Resilience, Team Alliance, Compassionate Leadership. These conversations can be awareness raising, educational, behaviour changing, or focused in on strategy.

Julie's consulting, coaching, and training work is grounded in over 25 years of business leadership experience and technical training, supported by an Executive Master of Business Administration.
Julie has also lived with mental ill health and knows how tough it is to keep going when the deadlines are running, and people are looking to be led. This has fuelled Julie’s research, study, and education around mental health and wellbeing, to find valid solutions and resources so others can benefit from her experience.
As an Accredited Principal Master Instructor for Mental Health First Aid with Credentials in the Science and Practice of Wellbeing, Julie has the resources, tools, support, and network to achieve her mission with you.

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Julie Gillespie eMBA MHFA